What You Can Do With Old Wooden Shutters

Do you want to salvage old wooden shutters and apply them to other uses that you have never imagined all your life? Well, that is not just a good way to reduce waste for the environment, it will also certainly be a good addition to your home. Let’s learn how to salvage your old shutters and put them into good use:

Use it to decorate your wall

A piece of that old wooden shutter might as well be placed in one corner of your room to decorate your wall. You can either place it on your dining area to turn that once empty wall into a wall with a purpose or you can also place it inside your room to hold your most valuable frames. You know very well that wood is a type of material that can be painted with the right colours you have always wanted. All you need to do then is transform that shutter into a bright, colourful shade that is a perfect complement to the wall where you will place it.

Turn it to a bookshelf

Often, a wooden shutter is divided into more than two parts. With that old shutter sitting inside your storage area as of the moment, you can now recreate it into a functional bookshelf where you can use each part of the shutter to create the sides of a bookshelf. What you will then need is a cut of plywood that will fit in as the shelves to your repurposed wooden shutter.

Why not make it a wall-mounted shelf?

Apart from using it as a bookshelf, you can also turn your old wooden shutters into a decorative wall-mounted shelf. You will be able to add more function into that shutter that was once merely used as a window protection in the past. It will certainly render great storage to whatever room you will put it into. You can add in some clothes hooks to that wall-mounted shelf and turn it into a small closet or you can also buy decorative wood brackets to allow it to hang horizontally into a room.

Create a side table out of that old stuff

Yes, if you can turn an old wooden shutter into a decorative wall or a bookshelf or a wall-mounted shelf, you can also turn it into a side table. Old weathered shutters can be easily transformed into that side table that you have always wanted to customise for your home. What you will need to add in this case is just a set of canvas stretchers to give your side table the frame that it needs. You will also want to invest on a wood tabletop and some screws too.

Transform it into a reminder board

If you want your kids to basically remember their ‘things-to-do’ or your partner to know what he or she will need to work on the next day, then perhaps it is about time to place a reminder board inside the bedroom. That reminder board can be crafted out of an old weather wooden shutter that has been beautifully-painted with the right colours to match all the pins you will use to post those notes or even photos.

Build a headboard out of the old wooden shutter

If you want to put more purpose to those large wooden shutters that you are already thinking to put to trash then one great way to do it is to build a headboard out of it. If you want, you can even use the entire shutter to fuse in that headboard into your bed. You can choose to attach the shutter directly into your bed or you may also leave it bolted on your wall right where your bed is placed. Whatever way you choose, you will be sure you will put the old shutter into better function.

Use it to complement a mirror

You can also salvage that weathered shutter and turn it into a mirror for your bathroom or your bedroom. Get a piece or a part of the shutter then cut a portion where you will attach the mirrors later on. You can leave it rustic and traditional or you can also paint it to make it look more contemporary if you want. What matters is that you turn it into a functional piece.

You can also make fancy pantry doors out of those old wooden shutters

If you feel your pantry has been missing the beauty offered by wooden doors then now is the time to think of creating a pair using those old wooden shutters. You can simply check the shutters measurements and see how it can match with your pantry. You can cut it according to the size that is needed then polish it later on with natural varnish to give it a shinier effect.
Wooden shutters are indeed worthy investments for the home. What makes them even worthier is the fact that they can be recycled into many other things later on. When it is time to replace the old ones that you have, then you can be sure that you will put them to good use again!

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