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The Versatile Window Treatment that Adds Style to Every Room – Custom-made Plantation Shutters

When you think of plantation shutters you may just envision traditional rectangular panels containing louvered slats that have been in use in elegant homes for many centuries. These are one of the most beautiful and practical window treatments around and are absolutely perfect if you have the right shaped rectangular windows that they were designed to cover. The most straight forward windows to cover are rectangular but The Shutter Works does not have any problem customizing the panels to fit arches, ovals and rake tops.

Look at the clever way these wooden shutters have been custom-fit to allow for full and easy movement of the door handle. And we love the way these white shutters sit inside the door frame, making it easy to open and close without the shutter rattling about, and at the same time keeping the fresh minimalist lines of the overall window treatment. The Shutter Works has a beautiful design for resolving the problem louvered handles created on French doors, please take a look at the photo below:

Here, the plantation shutter has been custom-crafted to fit exactly into the arched shaped window space. When open, the half arch on each side compliments the arch of the window itself, and when closed it blocks out all light and allows for perfect privacy. The clean white finish perfectly complements the rest of the interior décor and adds a fresh, modern feel to this room.

Raked Interior wood shutters and louvered doorsIn this unusually-shaped triangular window the plantation shutter has been custom-created to fit perfectly in the window frame of the attic bedroom. As you can see, this window is designed to follow the slope of the ceiling, adding charm and a certain designer flair while at the same time allowing the light to flood in. Using custom-made plantation shutters is a great way to create minimalist lines within smaller rooms to enhance the sense of space.

Aren’t these sunbursts spectacular! What a beautiful way to use plantation shutters to allow natural sunlight to filter in but at the same time prevent it from fading your furnishings and décor. And, at the same time, what a stunning way to enhance the architecture of the triangular-shaped window space. The Shutter Works love the way the plantation shutter imitates the sun’s rays! This is truly an example of custom-crafted plantation shutters being used to their best effect.

int_2Here is another way to install plantation shutters to complement arched (or any non-rectangular shaped) windows. The upper arch-shaped space has been left open to permit plenty of natural light to flood in while the plantation shutters on the lower windows allow for maximum privacy and light control. This is a great way to use plantation shutters on lower floors and in north facing rooms where you want to be able to maximize the amount of daylight that enters your room but at the same time be able to keep the outside world from looking in.


Transform the look of your home with wood shuttersSimilarly here, the plantation shutters are custom-designed to close from the middle section down so that natural light can pour in through the upper section but nobody can look into your room. Again, this is great for privacy and for maximum flexibility in light filtering.



Alternatively, you can cover the entire window space for a clean, simple look. This effect works well on larger window architecture where you may prefer to enhance the overall design rather than cutting the arch through the middle.

Owner-operator Tom Thomson has been working in the custom-made, real wood shutter business for almost a quarter of a century and has the proven skills, experience and designer-eye to know what works and how to make it happen!

To talk to Tom, call (403) 660-6346 or email him at info@theshutterworks.ca.


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