How to Choose the Perfect Custom Plantation Shutters

The first step is to find a reputable plantation shutter company close to home who supplies the type of custom-crafted shutters you are looking for. The best types of referrals are word of mouth from a friend or colleague who has experience using the services of the company you are considering. You can also consult local newspapers or go online to find out if there is a company near to your home or office who can come out to demonstrate what they have for sale.

It is important to try to see as many different styles of shutters in a range of woods and finishes displayed in your actual home or work place. Often the shutter that you think you like most in the pictures is not the one that actually looks best once it is put into place in your window frame alongside your architecture and décor.

For example, you may have planned on installing dark wooden shutters but then see that actually the lighter birch or maple colour looks best in situ. Or maybe you thought that the thinner slats would look more elegant but then when you see them displayed in your windows decide that the larger 3 ½ inch slats actually give a clean, minimalist look that appeals to you more?

A benefit of having Tom Thomson, a professional custom shutter craftsman, come to display his merchandise in your home or office where he can accurately measure your windows and provide an estimate that will truly reflect the cost of creating and installing the style of shutters you prefer.

He also knows the best way of fitting the shutters to make the most of your existing architectural structures so that you get the clean professional window treatment look you prefer with shutters that are permanently installed and balanced harmoniously between the window frames.

This type of precision installation is not always easy to achieve – particularly on raked or eyebrow windows and arched topped windows that are not always easy to fit around. A little professional help can go a long way here to ensuring that your shutters hang evenly balanced with the rest of the room. And why do it yourself when it can often take far longer (and be far more frustrating) than you may have originally anticipated?

Choosing a Good Quality Shutter

Be sure to ask to see the full range of plantation shutter materials that The Shutter Works has to offer. There are many different types available today, ranging from solid hardwood to custom color matched finishes.

Solid hardwood plantation shutters are the most durable and, we have to say, the most beautiful. It is the same as with a solid wood floor – there is something special about the way the light reflects on solid wood plantation shutters and the warmth they give to any room that is never quite achieved to the same degree with shutters made of wood composite or other types of material.

Solid wood shutters installed by The Shutter Works are very comparable in cost to wood composite or pvc products. You will be pleasantly surprised to see how reasonably priced custom made plantation shutters can be.

The most popular size louvers are the 3 ½ inch slats which are perfect for today’s modern style of extra- large windows. However, a good plantation shutter company will be able to make louvered slats available in any size you prefer. You might like to think about using extra thin, tapered louvers for a lighter look in smaller rooms – ask to see what is available in this range.

Or perhaps you are interested in installing external fixed or raised panel shutters to add visual charm to the outside of your property. These usually come in a range of sun and extreme weather resistant finishes and, if well-made and properly installed, will provide years of durable service and curb appeal.

Take your time when choosing your shutters so that you can be sure to get the type of window treatment look you truly prefer and that best compliments your décor. A representative from a good plantation shutter company will patiently wait while you make up your mind – beware any salesperson who try to rush your decision.

If you’re shopping for plantation shutters in the Calgary area you might like to talk to Tom Thomson, owner of The Shutter Works. He has been manufacturing and installing solid wood plantation shutters for almost 25 years and has an impressive gallery of past clients who offer glowing testimonials as to his abilities and craftsmanship.

Check out to see examples of Tom’s work and to find out more about the types of solid wood plantation shutters he has to offer Calgary and neighbouring residents. Or call him at (403) 660-6346 or email him at

Call Tom Thomson at (403) 660-6346 for a FREE in-home design consultation.

If you have window sizes available, Tom could provide you with an estimate over the phone or email. A written quote will be provided upon viewing the project, however, a home consultation is best as you can see a shutter panel displayed in your own windows, which will help you visualize a completed project. You can contact us by email,