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Door Panels Shutters with beautiful hardware

The Versatile Window Treatment that Adds Style to Every Room – Custom-made Plantation Shutters

When you think of plantation shutters you may just envision traditional rectangular panels containing louvered slats that have been in use in elegant homes for many centuries. These are one of the most beautiful and practical window treatments around and are absolutely perfect if you have the right shaped rectangular windows that they were designed
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Raked Interior wood shutters and louvered doors

Installing your New Shutters: What to Expect

Upon arrival at your location, Tom Thomson will first ensure that the floors and other surfaces are protected while he is working at your residence. Then he will proceed to carefully and precisely install your new plantation shutters. And of course we will also unload all the necessary ladders, screws, drills, etc to enable us
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Wood Shutters, Door Panel Shutters and Arch top shutters in interior space

How to Choose the Perfect Custom Plantation Shutters

The first step is to find a reputable plantation shutter company close to home who supplies the type of custom-crafted shutters you are looking for. The best types of referrals are word of mouth from a friend or colleague who has experience using the services of the company you are considering. You can also consult
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Bar Restaurant Window Shutters

What You Can Do With Old Wooden Shutters

Do you want to salvage old wooden shutters and apply them to other uses that you have never imagined all your life? Well, that is not just a good way to reduce waste for the environment, it will also certainly be a good addition to your home. Let’s learn how to salvage your old shutters
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Shutter panels on doors and window openings

Why Should You Install Plantation Shutters?

Plantation shutters are beautiful window treatments that are often deemed as expensive. The price factor alone might cause you not to invest in one. However, putting the cost beside the benefits you will gain, you will surely be convinced that purchasing a set of shutters is more than worth a try. If you want to
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